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About this blogsite

There are two categories in this personal blogsite – Everything Scouting and Contemplations.

In Everything Scouting, you will read about my experiences in Scouting while I travel around the world, specifically in the Asia-Pacific Region.  In this page, you will read about my work in Scouting as a full time executive of the World Scout Bureau, about national Scout organisations, the APR Ticket to Life Project and perhaps I'd tell about a special encounter with Scout Leader.  This page offers a different twist by adding a personal touch from someone who has opportunities to have a first hand experience of Scouting in various countries.

Under Contemplations, I share my thoughts and personal views on politics, reaction from a Facebook Posts, and other issues that stirs me up.  I will also share my travel adventures - about people, places, its colours, culture, or any interesting fact.

If you like my stories, I will be really grateful if you leave a comment on the space provided for feedback, which you can find at the bottom of each blog.  Thank you very much!


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