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I grew up in a small town about 90 kilometres south of Manila – San Pablo City.  I grew up with World War II TV series like “Combat” and “The Rat Patrol.”  Around that same time, there was a popular World War II movie entitled “The Eagle Has Landed.”  It is about a Nazi officer who planned to kidnap or kill the British prime minister.  This movie has a great impact to me because until now, I am fascinated with World War II stories.  And this is why I used the phrase “The Eagle Has Landed,” whenever I travel and arrived in a new place.  And besides, I am an Eagle Scout.

The Eagle has landed

This phrase has been associated to me that friends started to call me “The Eagle.”  Most of the time, they look forward to my Facebook Posts that says, “The Eagle has landed.”  In fact, people started to convince me to write stories of my travels in Scouting.

This is the reason behind this blog site.  This is made to share my Scouting activities while I travel around the world, specifically in the Asia-Pacific Region.  Though the blog is all about Scouting, it offers a different twist by adding a personal touch from someone who has opportunities to have a first-hand experience of Scouting in various countries.

If you like my stories, I will be really grateful if you leave a comment on the space provided for feedback, which you can find at the bottom of each blog.  If you wish to know more about a particular story, please feel free to tell me.

Most especially, if you have some suggestion to improve this blogsite, you are much welcome to do so.  I am a newbie in this business!

Thank you very much!