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More about me

Current appointment and responsibilities

I have been working with Asia-Pacific Support Centre of the World Scout Bureau since 1997.  Currently, I am the Director of Educational Methods, where I oversee the services provided to national Scout organisation in the area of Youth Programme, Youth Engagement, Adults in Scouting, Diversity & Inclusion, Better World Framework, Safe From Harm, Spiritual Development and Scouting & Humanitarian Action.

In my work experience with the World Scout Bureau, I have amassed considerable experience in organizing workshops, seminars, and large youth gatherings of 3,000 to 10,000 young people and volunteers, not only in the Philippines but throughout the whole Asia-Pacific Region. These responsibilities has honed my organisational and managerial skills to a high degree.

Previous Experience

Prior to this appointment, Syd worked with the Boy Scouts of the Philippines as Programme Assistant for four years where he assisted in performing the necessary editorial work required for all (Youth) Program and (Adult) Training manuals, handbooks and publications.

Furthermore, working with full-time staff and volunteers of various national chapters from different countries, has taught me to work as an effective member of a diversified multi-cultural team representing various backgrounds and perspectives. These responsibilities nurtured my ability to manage people, appreciate and interact with colleagues of different ethnic cultures, religions, gender, or socio-economic backgrounds.

Places lived in, language, education, personal info, etc.

Syd was born in Manila, where he is currently based. Syd is an Eagle Scout and is married to Ms. Sophie Castillo and are blessed with two children, who are both Eagle Scouts.

He earned his Bachelor Degree in Arts (Major in Philosophy) in 1992 and a Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Professional Events Management. He speaks both Filipino and English, fluently.


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