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My 43rd Birthday


I am amazed by the number of people who greeted me on my birthday. I bet it is over a hundred and they are still coming in. I REALLY feel loved! Many of your wishes touched me and some brought a smile on my face. Some, were a very pleasant surprise. Thank all of you who have remembered me in my birthday.

My birthday this year, 16 June 2010, was a Wednesday. The Sunday prior to my birthday, my sister-in-law and her nieces (from my wife’s side) came over the house and celebrated my birthday, including Father’s Day. Some candles to blow, a cake to cut, spaghetti (Filipino style), Puto (a Filipino rice cake), and friend chicken wings. All cooked by my wife, Sophie. She is a great cook!

The Monday prior to my birthday, I woke up with a terrible headache and because of this, I decided to stay home. However, later that afternoon, my cousins (one of them is coming all the way from Canada with her husband) came over to greet me happy birthday. Again we had some candles to blow, a cake to cut, spaghetti (Filipino style), Puto (a Filipino rice cake), and Dinuguan (a Filipino delicacy), and grilled pork. Again, all cooked by my wife, Sophie (except the grilled pork – that’s my department!)


Nothing much on my birthday. I went to the national training centre of the Boy Scouts of the Philippines to make an input on “World Scouting” to the National Training School – a training course for professional scout executives. Came back to the office in the afternoon to continue preparing for my India trip. And went home.

Today, 18 June 2010, its time for the office to give me a special “merienda.” My colleagues sang “Happy Birthday” and as we partake some fried noodles and cake made of yam. Cheers!

Thank you for those people who sent their warm wishes on my birthday. A lot of you greeted me in Facebook, some of you send SMS and few called me on my mobile phone. One said, “may you have many more healthy ones (birthdays) in front of you. Live well, enjoy life and be happy!” Yes, I wish I will still have many more healthy birthdays as I see myself establishing a “Centre for Youth Development and Leadership.”

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