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Scouting never stops


I was asked by one of the Scouts here in the Philippines to write about how Scouting addresses the COVID-19 Pandemic. As part of WOSM’s emergency response to the COVID-19 pandemic in supporting National Scout Organizations, in the delivery of the Scout programme below are four useful links to resources and ideas may spark some inspiration and bring more ideas during this pandemic.


This is a webpage where you can find stories and news of inspiring actions from national Scout organizations. It also carries a link to the the Scout Donation Platform where you can either donate to support initiatives or submit a project yourself.

The page also highlights the JOTI Special Edition. For those who missed the event, a link is given so that you can review the live webinars and activities in the JOTI Special Edition that was held in April 2020. To know more about the page, click here. Below is how to navigate within that page.

World Scout Academy

The World Scout Academy is a platform that offers learning opportunities for national Scout organizations. The sessions delivered in the Academy focuses on a variety of topics, such as: using technology to connect with local organizations and groups; managing stress and well-being of staff and volunteers; key competencies for young people in today’s modern world; and much more.

Please note that even if you are already registered to the Academy, you need to register to each and every webinar you wish to join at the Academy. You should expect an email confirmation to the Webinar you joined. Visit the Academy here.

Youth Programme: Scouting@Home

The Youth Programme is at the heart of Scouting. However, in this time of pandemic, questions are asked by Scouts – how do we continue to do Scouting? There are three new tabs in the Youth Programme Service that may inspire to generate news ideas,.

  • Scouting@Home – Staying connected and implementing Youth Programme
  • Scouting@Home – Members Health and Wellbeing
  • Scouting@Home – Community Responsibility and Engagement

Scouting and Humanitarian Action

We live in a challenging time. Scouts play a vital role in strengthening the resilience of local communities. The new COVID-19 tab under the Scouting and Humanitarian Action Service provides Scouts with resources and ideas to address this pandemic.

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  • July 12, 2020 at 7:58 PM
    Dev Raj Ghimire

    Very good write up, Brother Syd! I encourage Scouts to read the article and I shared in different page and groups! The article is most relevant for Scouts and leaders, where they will be finding resources on WOSM’s COVID-19 in one place.

    • July 12, 2020 at 8:05 PM
      Syd CASTILLO

      Thank you, Dear Devraj, for your generous feedback. I am so grateful for you for sharing it to pages and groups, you manage! I hope that Scouts and their Leaders, find the article useful.


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